Our know-how, coupled with the technology of our equipment and adequate facilities, allows us to act in tailor- made way in the market of crude vegetable oils, offering the following services:

Raw Materials qualification, extraction, decanting and filtering
Fractionation and production of flour cakes, pies originated from the process of pressing of oleaginous seeds.

Assistance in projects of R&D (research and development) to companies interested in pressing material for samples of vegetable oils production aiming  new products development.
Development and structuring of the production chain of vegetable supplies in order to ensure quality and traceability of raw materials used in the production of vegetable oils for specific interest

In our business agreements, we have the constant concern with the broader transparency and understanding, seeking to bring the best result for our clients, suppliers, collegues and stake-holders.
(If needed, our contracts will be supported by a Secrecy Agreement, to ensure, in a formal way, the confidentiality of information that are necessary in the process).