We are glad to introduce you to our Noble Vegetable oils Industry.
The products (Noble vegetable oils and its Cakes) are classified as one of the best raw-material for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry (manufacturers, suppliers).
Our Noble vegetable oils and cakes (pressed seeds) are 100% natural (crud or unrefined), typically extracted by applying great pressure to the seeds and collecting the oil. After extraction, some oils and the pressed seeds cake rich in varied nutrients can also be used for animal or human consumption.

We’ve certification with two important social-environmental protocols:  (organic stamp- from IBD certifier) and (Rain Forest Alliance stamp – from Smart Wood certifier). These stamps shows that our supplies chain works to conserving biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices, consumer behavior and healthy life.

How we work

We can supply your company with the noble oils or/and its cakes on the list below.
We provide services of oil extraction from oleaginous seeds and its noble vegetable oils are returned to you, charging only for the labor hours of our co-workers and machinery uses. If you have any seed you want to extract the oil from, send to us and we will make some test for extract its oils for you in the way described above. After the sample test, we can make a budget for the services.